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FitPAWS® Safety Harness

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The FitPAWS® Safety Harness is a professional-quality canine harness designed for use with the FitPAWS product line.

We recommend your dog wear a safety harness you can hold onto, while your dog is exercising on top of the Peanut. The harness can also help keep your dog positioned on the Balance Disc and Donut.

The molded rubberized ergonomic handle* is lightweight but provides a firm grip so you can comfortably manage your dog’s movement, help guide it atop the ball or help guide it down once you’ve finished training.

The main body is constructed from a top and bottom layer of extremely high-denier, poly-coated fabric which is fully padded inside and triple-stitched at each and every stress point. This offers unrivaled strength along with water resistance. The FitPAWS Safety Harness includes 3 D-Rings conveniently located on the top and both sides. These D-rings can be used for tying leads if the dog is rehabbing on a treadmill.

Our FitPAWS Safety Harness features two adjustable straps of high-strength nylon webbing (underneath the girth and across the chest) for a customized fit. The girth strap also features a safety release.

*Extra small sizes have a web handle.

FitPAWS® Sizing Guidelines

To make sure that you order the correct size, we recommend that you measure your dog’s girth. Use a soft fabric measuring tape and measure your dog around the chest just behind the front legs. Make sure your dog is standing up while you are doing this. You can also circle your dog’s chest with a leash and then measure the leash where you mark it.

FitPAWS® Safety Harness, Extra-Large (40" - 42” girth) Red - 49.95
FitPAWS® Safety Harness, Large (34” - 40” girth) Yellow - 49.95
FitPAWS® Safety Harness, Medium (30” - 34” girth) Blue - 49.95
FitPAWS® Safety Harness, Small (26” - 30” girth) Red - 49.95
FitPAWS® Safety Harness, Extra-Small (21" - 24” girth) Yellow - 49.95
FitPAWS® Safety Harness, 2XSmall (18" - 21” girth) Blue - 47.95
FitPAWS® Safety Harness, 3XSmall (14" - 18" girth) Red - 47.95
FitPAWS® Safety Harness, 4XSmall (11" - 14" girth) Yellow - 47.95

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