Image of FitPAWS® Circular Product Holder Gray Sold Out

FitPAWS® Circular Product Holder Gray

Sold Out $21.95

The new FitPAWS® Circular Product Holder is an inflatable ring that helps stabilize FitPAWS® products. This is a good training tool if your dog is new to the FitPAWS product's dynamic movement. You can start off with the product in the holder and as your dog gains more core muscle strength and learns how to control his balance, you can remove the Holder and challenge him with the product directly on the floor.

Try using the FitPAWS Circular Product Holder as a hand-held jump-through ring for trick training, agility tire jump training and fun aerobic exercise with your family dog.

The FitPAWS Donut Circular Product Holder is also an important safety tool for the animal rehab practitioner who is using the FitPAWS products for weight bearing therapy after surgery.

The FitPAWS Circular Product Holder easily inflates with a standard air pump with cone-shaped attachment (not included). Do not over inflate the Holder. It should have just enough air in it to feel firm to the touch and help stabilize the product.

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