About LilyPaws

K9FIT - We are committed to helping people condition their dogs to get fit, stay fit, perform better and to prevent injury – with a combination of cardio, core and cross-fit activities. These will keep our dogs fit and healthy. Your dogs will also be better behaved! Get the edge for your show dogs with stronger top-lines, easier free stacks and keep pasterns looking good. For agility athletes, condition them to protect ACLs, groins and spines.

Company Overview

LilyPAWS offers the newest advances in Canine Conditioning and Therapy equipment including treadmills, weighted vests, balance balls, stacking pods and much more.

A fit and mentally active dog is a good dog. But how do we find time to condition our dogs while we lead such busy lives? LilyPAWS has the solution. We help you identify effective ways to keep your dogs fit and healthy in a limited timeframe. You will see the results immediately and have the peace of mind to know your dog is happy, healthy and well behaved.

There is the bigger picture in that there are too many dogs that are abandoned or sent to shelters when, with the right combination of fitness, training and mental challenge, many of these dogs would remain in the family. It is not easy to take a high drive dog through their youth. We can help and so can you! Set the example with your dogs and your friends will follow.

The bond that develops between people and pets when you join together in K9FIT programs gives you just as much reward as it does your dogs.